Saturday, 15 September 2018

Google lends you your Street View Trekker backpacks to map

Google lends you its Street View Trekker backpack or its mapping cameras in 360 degrees of the territory through its loan program. You just have to have a good idea to convince Google and with which to promote territories of interest and even closed areas such as interiors of buildings, premises or symbolic enclosures. Google will offer you the best resource according to the needs of your idea.
Street View Trakker

If you are one of those who like mapper emblematic places or have an idea of ​​territorial mapping in 3D with Google technology ... this can be a solution to throw behind your back one of your Trekker backpacks and map your idea in 360º . They can apply for the program of backpacking of Street View Trekker or 360º camera compatible with the Street View app for all those photographers, non-profit organizations, universities and any lover of geography who have in mind an idea and territorial area to map through Google products.

In order to qualify for the Trekker backpack loan, you will only need to fill out a form describing your dissemination idea and providing information about the area to be mapped, the reasons why it may be of interest or the period of time you will need to use the material. You can access the Street View backpack request form from here 
Although the loan program is not available for the entire territory, Google continues to expand expanding loan areas of materials. If you manage to convince him of your project, he will lend you one of his backpacks to map the area in which you are interested and manage your territorial project. You will only receive the logistic loan of the material. The rest of the grants or logistical and material needs of your project will be from your account.
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